Please add any and all random tips here.

  • Never pirate as a new player, you will end up in a lot of debt.
  • If you run empty as a guard you can't lose.
  • Remember to bubble for transporting important cargo.
  • Equipment is very useful, you gain a lot more items with good equipment.
  • Gadgets can be really helpful.
  • Don't waste gold on explosives if you are a new player.
  • Rare explosives get you more if you sell them.
  • Explosives have high demand, so any semi-reasonable listing is normally bought in less than 24 hours.
  • For those who just got their 20th meld, the Fisherman profession is relatively profitable.
  • Trading is easier (though slower) on the routes passing through PP and TT, due to fewer pirates.
  • If you ever mine up something good, never let go of it for less than it's worth. If no other listings are up, top the highest bid by 500-1000g.
  • Credits are probably the fastest way to get ahead, and they profit our good developer, Japhet.
  • For those not willing to spend real cash, visit the forums or use PMs to strike up deals with other players.