Brett is a pirate, merchant and guard.


Brett has a medium armada of 100+ ships. Most of these ships are low speed ships, ranging in speed from 38.5km/h to 45.5km/h. A more interesting stat is that he has an ironclad, which is nearly his fastest ship, his best hull, and his best cannons. It would seem that his power is too concentrated, however he also has two Frigates of slightly less stats.


Brett won't release his tactics to the public. However From my battles with him, I have noticed that he rudely sends ships that could defeat swarms of ships 3 times as large as what you are sending; complete overkill. He did mention at one point what he called an S&S mission, where he would attack one faster ship with several other ships of equal or greater strengh. This is a prime example of his blantent overkill.


Brett has no allies. Alot of people have offered on the forums to be his ally, most of them bragging about their "fully cannoned rafts". It is rumoured that Invictus12 is an ally of Brett, but no one knows for sure.


Brett stalks Aso mainly. He is very obsessive about the people he stalks, and seems to enjoy sinking people's ships more than stealing their items.


October 25th, 2009: Brett joins MT

August 5th, 2010: Brett co-founds The Company. The Company eventually funded him to the point where he attacked, pillaged, and sunk some Company shipping vessles. (wtf?)

October 4th, 2010: Brett is put on probation (effectively removed) from The Company.

October 15th 2010: Until this time, Brett was a Merchant who occasionally used cannonballs against pirates that attacked him. On this date, Brett is sold a Frigate. Worst. Mistake. Ever.

December 20th 2010: Brett gets himself an early Christmas Present: Another Frigate!

January 17th 2011: Lordbubbly finds a Damaged Ironclad and begins to repair it. (See next event)

January 27th 2011: Brett buys Lordbubbly's Ironclad.

May 31st 2011: Brett finishes arming Ironclad.

June 24th 2011: Brett gets a 3rd Frigate.